The Company

Zayin Fiber Optics, LLC. was formed by highly experienced experts in the fiber optics field, with the goal of becoming the prime source of optical network solutions for customers around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide specialized knowledge and forward thinking solutions to fiber optic users in global markets, contribute positively to the professional community in the technology sector, and produce positive impact across the globe.


Our core services are training and certification, consulting (technical, business, performance, and process improvement), project management, network design, network implementation, equipment and material supply, and performance/verification testing and characterization.

Our Team

Our team members are highly qualified experts, with respective professional credentials, in their areas including: Doctor/Master/Bachelor level degrees in ITS/Technology, Electrical Engineering, Telematics Engineering, Management, Organizational Leadership, Administration, Fiber Optic Association (FOA) CFOS/I, PMP®, BICSI RCDD®, CSM®, CFHP®, and have served customers internationally over decades.